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Providing peace of mind to absentee homeowners since 2010 

Kiron Solutions is a company that specializes in taking care of absentee/second homeowners properties in Miami Dade and Broward County, while the proprietor is away. In alliance with Cindy Miropol, expert in real estate title and strategies, we bring you the ultimate tool to enhance your services.


We give you the possibility of providing your clientele with your own Absentee Homeowner Management Mobile App, taking your personal services to the next level!

Or, you can connect through our existing mobile App and provide a co-branded or totally unbranded experience.

You will provide an exclusive and professional service that will add noticeable value to your services without even needing to worry about running it yourself. That's right, we will provide the operations and do it all for you!

Best part of it all? You can make passive income while you free yourself from unwanted hassle. We got you!

Services for Absentee/Second Homeowners

We focus on providing a thorough inspection to absentee/second homeowners homes enrolled with us, guaranteeing that everything will be in optimal conditions when they return. Our extended portfolio of services complements the value of our personal home assistance specialty and include:

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You are one step closer from freeing yourself from unwanted hassle, strengthening your brand and make passive income in the process! By leaving your information through this form only, exclusive for Cindy Miropol's network, you are eligible for discount pricing in our services for you and your absentee/second homeowners clientele.  Write code: CINDY under the referenced by box to validate your discount successfully

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